BeON energy brings simplicity and elegance to solar!

Taking an approach that maximum quality should be in the reach of everyone, we strive to live up to this goal and present products that enable our partners to reduce costs with fast installation and 0 repairs, using that extra time you get, to find new opportunities and improve customer's experience.

We have set the bar for quality standards, employing manufacturing systems based on 6 sigma and RedX quality methodologies, which help to bring our product quality in to the spotlight.

BeON 1 record holder for reliability, with 0 returns in 2015, is a landmark in the solar industry. BeON 2 combines the reliability of its smaller brother, with the economy sense that comes from having 1 microinverter for 2 panels without losing power maximization capability for each panel independently.

We hope that we can help to improve your business, create a better solar experience for you and your customers and that you enjoy our microinverters as much as we enjoy making them.

Your team,

BeON energy